Winchester College, Winchester, Hampshire

Winchester College in Winchester, Hampshire

Address: Winchester College, College Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 9NA
Admissions Queries: FAO Admissions Dept,, +44 (0)1962 621 247
Age Range: Boys aged 13 – 18 years (A full boarding public school, with a sixth form college)
Fees Per Year: £32,700

Winchester College is an independent ‘public’ school that is generally considered, along with Eton and Harrow, to be one of the most prestigious schools in England. Set in around 250 acres of land, the College was founded in the late 14th Century and has operated from it’s present location for over 600 years.

Consisting of just under 700 pupils, Winchester College is a full boarding school, meaning all the boys board. There are 11 boarding houses within the school, 10 ‘Commoner’ houses and 1 ‘College’ house for the most senior scholars. Each house accommodates approximately 60 boys. A large number of staff members also live on site either within the boarding houses or in other school accommodations. Special inductions and boarding handbooks are given to new boarders and they are also paired with older boys to assist in their settling in and learning the ropes.

The school structure is based on the following: Junior Part (Year 9), Middle Part (Year 10), V Book (Year 11), VI Book 2 (Year 12) and VI Book 1 (Year 13). As well as the ‘standard’ curricular subjects, boys in Years 9 – 11 take a class called Division. Division is not assessed with an examination, but is used to broaden the boys education beyond the normal confines of a typical curriculum, particularly in English and History. Year 11 pupils take GCSE courses, whilst Year 12 and 13 boys take Cambridge Pre-U courses rather than A Levels.

The admissions process for Winchester College is stringent and boys can be registered anytime after their 8th birthday and should normally be done before the boys turn 11. Parents are invited to have a tour of the college and make a choice of one of the houses. Decisions on places are made around 2 years before entry to the College and subject to the passing of the entrance examination. Interviews are also undertaken to establish suitability of candidates. Further admissions information into Winchester College is available on their website here. A limited number of boys are also admitted at Year 12, however competition is fierce and entry standards are very high. Bursaries and scholarships are available for candidates adhering to certain criteria. More information can be obtained by contacting