Rookwood School, Andover, Hampshire

Rookwood School, Andover, Hampshire

Address: Rookwood School, Weyhill Road, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 3AL
Admissions Queries: FAO The Registrar,, +44 (0) 1264 325910
Age Range: Boys & Girls aged 3 – 16 
Fees per year: Day pupils: £7,700 – £12,780. Boarding pupils: £19,545 – £22,875

Rookwood School is a private independent coeducational school located in Andover in Hampshire. The school is primarily a day school but it does have two boarding house to accommodate some boarders. Rookwood school was established in 1936 and has been situated in it’s 8 acre Weyhill Road location since 1946 and currently educates around 350 pupils. There is a military barracks located about 10 miles away in Tidworth, Wiltshire and as a result, many pupils at Rookwood school come from a military background.

The school is split into 3 easy to distinguish sections. The first is called The Rookery and houses the nursery and the pre-prep school, and so caters for children aged 3 – 7. In a safe and nurturing atmosphere, the nursery and reception classes primarily learn through play and start a wide ranging curriculum in Year 1, which includes French, sports and music. After school activities feature heavily in the development of the children and they are well primed for entry to the next stage.

The Paddocks Prep School is the next stage at Rookwood School and children enter at Year 3 when they are 7 years old. The school hours are 8.30am – 4pm and there is a before-school care facility available from 7.45am. The Paddocks appoints prefects and also runs a house system where the 3 houses compete for an end of year trophy. A huge array of sports and activity clubs are available to the pupils of the prep school and there are also a range of excursions and trips away to choose from. Additionally the school offers a variety of individual musical instrument tuition at an extra cost.

The third and final section of the school is the Senior department, known as Highfield Senior School. Entry is at Year 7 (age 11) and the pupils develop their academic and social skills via the standard National Curriculum in the first 3 years. In Year 10, they then go onto take 10 GCSEs (7 core, 3 choice) and are well-prepared for entry into further education when they leave.

There are 2 boarding houses at Rookwood School, one for girls and one for boys and between them they can accommodate up to 40 boarders. There are excellent facilities and the boarding houses have a close intimate ‘family’ atmosphere with dedicated members of staff, as well as older student taking care of the day to day running of the houses.

Rookwood School has a non-selective admissions policy, meaning there is no assessment at any entry point to the school. Instead, emphasis is put on whether a child will fit in with the ethos and ideology of the school rather than via formal examinations. Scholarships are awarded and bursaries are available in certain situations. Please contact the school directly for any further information regarding the entry process.