Churcher’s College Junior School, Liphook, Hampshire

Churcher's College Junior School in Liphook, Hampshire

Address: Churcher’s College Junior School, Midhurst Road, Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7HT
Admissions Queries: FAO School Secretary Lisa Rasulian,, +44 (0)1730 236870
Age Range: Boys & Girls aged 4 – 11
Fees Per Year: £7,605 – £8,115

Churcher’s College Junior School is a private independent day school for boys and girls aged 4 – 11. Founded in 1993, the school moved from Petersfield to it’s current location in Liphook, Hampshire in 2004. The junior school is the junior branch of Churcher’s College in Petersfield, both of which are run under the same leadership aims and values despite being located 8 miles apart. The school teaches around 230 pupils.

There is a thriving extracurricular calendar in existence at Churcher’s College Junior School including such activities as ballet, marshal arts, and art clubs. Sports are also high on the agenda at school with the school’s ample playing fields hosting competitive fixtures in rugby, hockey, netball, football and cricket. There are a range of school trips throughout the year including many excursions to local areas of interest as well as more further afield to Italy and France. The school also offers the 3 stage Guild Award which involves volunteering in the local community, learning a new skill and getting involved in various fitness activities.

The Junior School places strong importance on pastoral care and the well being of the pupils. There is a strong tutor group and House system whereby older children are encouraged to take responsibility for the welfare of the younger children.There is also an open door policy for parents to come in and talk with teachers, as well as there being many scheduled opportunities for parent-teacher meetings throughout the year.

The admissions procedure requires an assessment to be taken in Maths and English for entrants in Year 3 and Maths, English, Verbal Reasoning and Writing in Year 4 and above. There is no assessment for children entering at Reception stage. Places are offered based on the outcome of the assessment papers.