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Welcome to the Private Schools in Hampshire website. This site provides information to parents on fees, admissions procedures, facilities, curricula and other essential facts about all of the private schools in the English county of Hampshire.

Hampshire has a wide range of private schools for all age groups and includes boarding schools, faith schools, single sex and coeducational schools and you can find all the vital information on each of them on this website.

If you’ve made the decision to send your child to a private school in Hampshire and require further information about what schools are out there, a good place to start is to select your nearest town and go from there.

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Choosing a Private School in Hampshire

Selecting the right independent private school for your son or daughter is a huge decision and is key to the outcome of their futures, so it’s only natural that you want to do meticulous research into the available schools before coming to a decision.

Rather than simply having to send your child to the closest state-run school regardless of it’s academic achievements, one of the major benefits of private schooling is the broad scope of choice. You can browse what is on offer and make an informed decision on what is right for the future of your child. Almost all schools have regular open days and offer propectuses available from the main admissions or secretarial offices.

A few key pointers for you to think about are:

  • Location – Do you want a short school run or are you prepared to travel further?
  • Fees – Private schools have an annual or termly fee. Will you be able to afford these fees for the duration of your’ child’s school career?
  • Reputation – Exam results, quality of teaching, facilities? Read the Ofsted and Independent Schools Inspectorate Reports for your school.
  • Admissions – Is there a waiting list for the school? Is there an entrance examination?
  • Facilities – Sporting, musical, dramatic, academic? Does the school have the right facilities for your child?

Funding an education at a Private School in Hampshire

As all private schools charge a termly or annual fee, many parents wonder what their options are when it comes to finding the money to pay. The 3 main options are:

  • Your own funds/savings
  • Means-tested bursaries –  Monetary assistance towards fees based on the financial circumstances of the parents. These are available from the schools directly (not from local council or education body) and will require you to be transparent with information on your finances.
  • Scholarships – Financial awards made to certain children excelling in a particular area of interest to the school. These are also available directly from the schools and they should be contacted for further information. Please note, scholarships very rarely cover 100% of the fees.

A great many children at private schools receive assistance via means-tested bursaries and many schools actively encourage parents to enquire about them. As there is no social stigma attached to receiving bursaries from a school, they offer an excellent opportunity for high achieving pupils who might not otherwise be able to afford a private education.

Private Boarding Schools in Hampshire

Around 20 schools in Hampshire offer boarding accommodation for a range of age groups.

For many parents and children new to the idea of a boarding education, you may be surprised to learn that weekly and flexi-boarding are now very common options in boarding schools. Although some children still only return home at the end of each term, an increasingly large amount go home at weekends or only stay at the school for 2 or 3 nights per week.

All schools usually have a ‘buddy’ or ‘partnership’ programme at the boarding houses whereby new boarders are have an allocated mentor or older boarder who is responsible for their well-being and settling in period. All have full time members of staff on duty along with a medical team and the boarders usually always have a plethora of evening and weekend activities to get involved in.  You can read detailed information of the quality and standards of the boarding accommodation by reading the Ofsted report for your school.

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